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Sony A55 -kegilaan baru

Kurang popular tapi sungguh berbisa sekali menyengat..
heboh habis stok kat kedai.. harga tak sampai rm 3000 tapi
kualiti gambar menyamai pro DSLR yang harga tak masuk akal tu.
Dipasarkan dalam bulan okt 2010, Sony SLT A55 akhirnya
mengejutkan banyak pihak dengan
gabungan Carlzeis lens dengan sony menghasilkan
kamera yang hebat dengan harga murah. Wow kalau
tengok hasil gambar dia memang meremang bulu roma.

kalau ikutkan memang la..dua lens terbaik dunia, Leica dan
carl zeis. panasonic lumix guna leica dan sony guna carl zeis.
sebelum ada lens sendiri, Canon dan Nikon guna lens ni juga.

antara lens third party untuk Sony
Tamron AF 70-200mm F2.8 Di LD Macro( sony mount ) RM2480.00
excellent image quality

Tamron SP AF 70-200mm F2.8 Di LD (IF) Macro
macro magnification of 1:3.1
The 70-200mm Macro is slated to be available in Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax-mount

Sony SLT A55 with DT 18-55mm SAM kit
Harga pasaran - RM 2899
Harga digital Mall - RM 2699

Sony SLT Alpha A55


fully articulated (not just fold down/out) LCD screen,

Sony A55 – key specifications

* 16.2MP (effective) APS HD CMOS sensor
* Fixed, pellicle-type semi-translucent mirror
* Maximum ISO 12,800 (with a quasi-ISO 25,600 ‘Multi-frame NR’ option)
* 15-point phase-detection AF array with 3 cross-type AF points
* Electronic viewfinder with 1.15 million dot resolution
* Built-in GPS
* Electronic level in EVF/LCD with pitch/roll indicator
* Dual-purpose Memory Stick/SD card slot
* 10fps continuous shooting rate
* 1080p AVCHD movie mode with continuous AF
* Articulated 3in ‘TruBlack’ LCD with 912k dots
* socket for external microphone
* 2x magnification mode in live view
* Face-detection AF (focus via nearest phase-detection AF point)

*shutter speed - 1/4000 to 30 sec plus bulb

Essentials Filter Accessory Kit For Sony A55 - A33 - DSLR SLT A55 - SLT A33 Includes 55mm Lens Hood + 55mm 3pc High Resolution Filter Kit + Lens Pen Cleaning Kit + BP MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
Kit Includes:
♦ 1) Zeikos - ZE-HLH55 55mm Hard Rubber Lens Hood
♦ 2) Zeikos - Zeikos ZE-LPF LCD/LENS CLEANER
♦ 3) ButterflyPhoto - ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth
♦ 4) Zeikos - ZE-FLK55 55mm Multi-Coated 3 Piece Filter Kit (UV-CPL-FLD)

contah gambar oleh pengguna Sony SLT A55

Hebatnya bidik art..baru beli kamera ni dah melaram gila dgn gambar
sharrp gila.. terima kasih share bidik art.
tengok lebih banyak gambar bidikart kat sini

control/setting yang ada

Shooting Modes

The SLT-A55 has a 10-position mode dial on the top left of the camera body, which offers the following modes

Shooting Modes
x Auto
The camera controls most of the settings, leaving just the drive mode, flash mode, face detection and smile shutter for the user to control
x Auto+
The camera picks the scene mode automatically, or enables one of the special shooting modes (see below) if required
x Program
The camera determines the shutter speed and aperture, but the user controls other settings
x Aperture Priority
The user sets the aperture, and the camera controls shutter speed
x Shutter Priority
The user sets the shutter speed, and the camera controls the aperture
x Manual
The user sets both aperture and shutter speed
x Fast burst
Takes a burst of images at 10 frames per second
x Panorama
Takes a horizontal or vertical panorama, or a 3D panorama.
x Scene
The user selects one of 8 scene modes
x No Flash
Disables the flash, but otherwise works like Auto mode

Scene Modes

The SLT-A55 includes a relatively short list of scene modes: 9 in total. This covers all of the basics, but excludes specialist modes such as documents, food and the like.

Scene Modes
x Portrait
Softens skin tones and sets aperture to minimum to blur backgrounds.
x Sports Action
Emphasizes shutter speed and allows for continuous shooting
x Macro
Turns off flash, disables SteadyShot and allows for close up focusing
x Landscape
Uses a small aperture to keep scene in focus and uses vivid color
x Sunset
Highlights reds
x Night View
Requires a tripod, uses slow shutter speed to capture light
x Hand-Held Twilight
Takes 6 images and stacks them together to create a steady night/twilight shot without a tripod
x Night Portrait
Uses slow shutter speed, so requires a tripod

Picture Styles
x Standard
Provides best color accuracy and saturation
x Vivid
Boosts color saturation
x Portrait
Smooths and emphasizes skin tones
x Landscape
Boosts color saturation slightly for more vivid colors
x Sunset
Boosts reds
x Black & White
Removes all color information

Focus Modes

x AF-S
Focuses once when the shutter is pressed down halfway
x AF-A
Automatic AF that tracks moving objects and attempts to keep them in focus
x AF-C
Continuously focuses the camera when the shutter is pressed down halfway, or while the camera is shooting

tapi ada juga problem dengan kamera ni masa shooting video.
dia tak boleh rakam video lama. sensor panas dan shut down sendiri.
nikon, canon, pentax dan rasanya semua DSLR pun ada masalah tu juga..
Itu perkara biasa bagi DSLR. Kalau nak buat dvd pakai camcoder la..

Panasonic lumiX tz10 pernah test rakam ceramah agama sampai satu
jam punya video tampa henti.. tak de problem pun..

Various websites are pointing out that the recently-launched Sony A55 and A33 are having sensor overheating issues while recording video. That is to say, if you are recording with Image Stabilization on for a continuous 11 minutes, with temperatures higher than 70F (20C), you will notice the heat from your unit and it will probably shut down on you. This is actually caused by the new translucent mirror technology that Sony is using which has a hard time in high usage. Nikon has the same exact issue, so their solution is to just limit your video shooting to 5 minutes clips. The solution for Sony users? There are a few, actually. First, there is no video recording limit, so feel free to record as long as you feel like it until you actually notice a heat issue, and remember, this is for continuous video recording only. Shooting in few minute bursts is not an issue at all. Second, if you turn off Image Stabilization, your camera can achieve 30 minutes of continuous video recording with no problem.

update 1 april 2011
sony a55 kini telah ada Batt. grip yang dibuat oleh syarikat taiwan.
kira selesai la..masalah batt tambahan pada Sony A55 ni ya.

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