Friday, March 26, 2010

canon digital camera

emenjak dua menjak ni..rajin pulak pergi survey camera
canon.. ingat nak beli kamera canon satu..
dalam pada tu sempat juga belajar sikit siri kamera yang
canon keluarkan.. menarik juga cara bisnes canon ni..
hampir semua perengkat di jadikan sasaran pembeli
bagi produk mereka..
jom kita tengok sikit apa bentuk kamera yang di
hasilkan untuk memenuhi keperluan

The PowerShot E series

kamera jenis ni di ilhamkan untuk menarik golongan
wanita terutama remaja yang suka warna lembut
dan bentuk yang menarik. disamping tu, quality kamera ni
juga diambil berat.. seperti sistem imej stabilizer
untuk mengekalkan quality gambar yang menarik
walau masa kita ambik tu tangan meggigil sikit.
kamera ni di buat untuk mudah diguna..
tampa perlu setting yg pening kepala tu
bebudak pun boleh pakai.

PowerShot E1

amacam cantik tak.., spec dia pun canggih jugak.

The PowerShot E1 features:

-10.0 Megapixels
-4x optical zoom with optical IS
-Unique, stylish design.
-17 shooting modes
-Face Detection Technology
-Auto Red-Eye Correction
-Motion Detection Technology
-2.5” LCD and OVF
-VGA and LP movies
- image stabilizer
- USB, AV port
- ISO range of 80 to 1,600 (3,200 in scene mode)
- support of SDHC/SD/MMC/MMCplus/HC MMCplus cards
Price: RM699.00

PowerShot A-Series

camera ni untuk orang yang suka travel
atau nak mudah guna batery.. jadi yang ni
direka untuk guna batery size AA.
nak pegi camping dalam hutan ke.,
pegi negara yang plug pin dia lain ngan kita
kan susah kalau batery charge guna plug.

PowerShot A3100 IS

PowerShot A3000 IS

PowerShot A495

Canon PowerShot A495 and

PowerShot A490

A490 Digital Cameras

Canon IXUS 210
3.5 inch touchscreen


  • 14.1 MP
  • 24mm wide, 5x zoom. Optical IS
  • 8.8 cm (3.5") PureColor II Touch LCD
  • Advanced touch screen
  • Smart Auto, Face Detection. Hints & Tips
  • HD movies. HDMI
  • Smart Shutter
  • Smart Flash Exposure, i-Contrast
  • DIGIC 4 & Servo AF/AE
  • Creative shooting modes
harga:rm 1350 to 1500
paling latest dalam siri ixus

12.1 megapixel Canon IXUS 105

Canon IXUS 105

Canon Digital IXUS 105

Canon Digital IXUS 105 features

• 12.1 Megapixel IXUS with compact metal body in four colour options
• Genuine Canon 28mm wide-angle 4x zoom lens with optical Image Stabilizer
• 6.8cm (2.7”) PureColor LCD II
• Smart Auto with Smart Flash Exposure and Scene Detection Technology for great looking photos in all situations
• Face Detection, FaceSelf-Timer and Auto Red-Eye Correction
• Combats blur with ISO Auto, Motion Detection Technology and IS
• i-Contrast helps retain shadow and highlight detail
• DIGIC 4 processing for ultra-fast response and high image quality
• Range of shooting modes including Low Light
• Smooth, 30fps VGA movies with
Long Play for greater recording times
harga: rm 799

PowerShot S series
series yang ni dah masuk semi pro punya kamera..
dah boleh ambik gambar yang cun melecun kalau
pandai.. setting dia banyak juga tapi mudah guna
tengok gambar dah tau function.

PowerShot SX210 IS

PowerShot SX210 IS – key features:

  • 14x zoom, 28mm wide-angle genuine Canon lens
  • 14.1 Megapixels with compact, metal body in three colour options*
  • Canon 4-stop optical Image Stabilizer with Dynamic IS
  • Wide 7.6cm (3.0") PureColor II G LCD with enhanced strength and visibility
  • HD Movies (720p) with optical zoom, stereo sound and HDMI
  • Easy to use with Smart Auto, Face Detection and on-screen Hints & Tips
  • Smart Flash Exposure and i-Contrast for best results in all situations
  • DIGIC 4 and Servo AF/AE for ultra-fast response and high image quality
  • Manual, Av and Tv modes for full creative control
  • Shooting modes including Smart Shutter, Low Light, Fish-eye and Miniature Effect
harga: rm1900 to 2000
(angaran je. pasal siri yg sebelumnya
harga rm 1800. spec rendah sikit)

yang ni reka bentuk dia cantik sikit, ini paling latest. belum sampai kat malaysia setakat hari hi.

PowerShot G-series

yang ni dah hampir profesional.
size dia dah besar dan berat. susah nak
bawak jalan atau simpan dalam poket.
setting dia pun dah banyak.
pengguna biasa susah nak guna.
tapi kalau tandai guna.. gambar dia cun melecun. bentuk dia pun dah takberapa cantik. harga pun..emmkira antara yang termahal dalam siridigital kamera. dah ada banyakacessories. boleh pasang
external flash, zomm lens.



New DIGIC 4 imaging processor powers several new intelligent features –improved Face Detection technology, Continuous AF Servo, Face Detection Self-timer and Intelligent Contrast Correction
14.7 megapixel resolution for rich, low-noise images with outstanding clarity. Allows up to A2 size print
28mm wide-angle capability, ideal for capturing panoramic landscapes and group shots
5x optical zoom with Optical Image Stabilizer eliminates blur from camera shake
Full range of shooting modes (automatic, manual & special scene modes) for the ultimate creative control
Hot shoe enables attachments to Canon’s Speedlite EX series of flashes when requiring advanced lighting techniques to create powerful, breathtaking images

Price: RM 2,068.00

ni takyah cerita la..
pro punya.. harga dah cecah 5 , 6 ribu
ada sampai belas ribu.. kalu tak ada masuk kelas, takyah la beli kamera ni
buang duit je.. kalau pandai guna..
memang boleh buat duit

yang ni harga body saja tampa zoom lens dan ext. flash paling murah rm 2500., tapi yang siri 50dD ni mahal gila, complete set 6000 lebih laa



great expectation begins here


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